What is the best recovery method?

If you’ve been training a while in any sport, you’ve probably asked yourself this question a number of times. You’ve probably asked your friends at your gym or scoured the internet for answers. When there is too many options to choose from. It becomes very difficult to decide what’s best to do after a hard training session, so that you feel great the next day to do it all over again. That is without your body feeling broken, injured, or like you have been hit by a bus. In this post I aim to help you make the decision for the best recovery method based upon what I do to ensure a speedy recovery of my body, and help me stay injury free.

1. Post training routine

Straight after training has finished I firstly make sure I take a hot shower using whisky wolf dope soap, this feels like it has a slight deep heat in it which relaxes your tense muscles from the peppermint oils within it. It’s a plant based soap with moisturising Shea Butter, exfoliating Coffee Grounds and a blend of four natural oils. It lathers up really well and feels great on your body after a hard session. I like to massage my muscles a little to help relieve any tenseness, and make sure I stretch.


When I get home I find the best meal to have for recovery is a quick light high protein meal. Usually after training in the evening it is pretty late, so you don’t want to be eating a heavy meal just before you go to sleep. For example, I would eat scrambled egg, and avocado on toast or tofu stir fry. Or ideally if I have time and have meal prepped my food, I would of prepared a bean chilli to just quickly reheat. Find more quick and easy high protein recipes in the book below.

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Sleep is also really important for recovery, if your not getting 7 to 8 hours sleep every night your body will suffer. Some people say that they can function on less sleep, but over a long period of time this is not sustainable. When your going to sleep make sure there is no distractions that will wake you up, so that you can get good quality sleep every night.

2. Products to aid recovery

My favourite addition to my recovery routine is Hempguard UK’s CBD & hemp based products. They are great for anxiety, pain relief, recovery, and to help sleep. Hempguard muscle rub is probably my most used product. It’s a natural balm made of 1000mg of CBD oil, arnica oil, organic beeswax, hemp oil, and other essential oils. I use it to massage my aching muscles and joints after a hard training session, just before I go to sleep. I found it works best if you take the time to massage it into your skin properly for around 5 minutes. I also use other hempguard products on a regular basis which I would say have directly related to me staying injury free. Hempguard CBD capsules are another favourite of mine, taking one or two before bed helps me sleep straight through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. Get yours today from the link below.


Another way to aid your muscles recovery is making sure you are getting enough protein in your diet. If your not eating enough your muscles will take longer to repair. To ensure I intake enough protein in my diet, I like to have a protein shake after training. I found that my protein provide the best protein for an affordable cost. Just drinking one protein shake per day could help give your muscles the boost they need.

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The last supplements I take to aid my recovery is BCAAs and vegan multi vitamins. BCAAs help reduce fatigue after training and boost muscle growth. When you’ve hit a morning session and your heading to work after, BCAAs will help you not fall asleep at the desk, and feel energised after your great training. General multivitamins help boost your immune system, and increase your energy. Because I eat a vegetarian diet I make sure that my multi vitamins contain B-12 because this is most commonly found in meat, and a B-12 deficiency can be serious.

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3. Rest days are important

Training all the time does not automatically mean you will get better at Jiu-Jitsu. If your body and mind is not prepared for the training that day. Simply showing up and going through the motions will not help you win those gold medals. You need to be present and be focused, in order to do that sometimes you need to have a day off. To let your body fully relax, have a Hempguard relaxing bath soak or Epsom salt bath to feel ready for the following day’s busy training schedule. Only you know your body but if you are training hard everyday, you will get burnt out, if you cut it down so at least one day each week is a complete rest, or you do some recovery or rehab on that day, this will help you improve massively. Try doing yoga and meditation or some conditioning to compliment your Jiu-Jitsu .

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4. Train smart

Lastly, when you are at training, train smart. Be clever about who you choose to partner up with and who you choose to roll with. This will help you stay injury free. If your a smaller person don’t be afraid to say no to a roll with someone much bigger than you, if you want too. Also, when your at training keep variety in your schedule, work on different things but also make a plan before you get to your academy of whether today is a day you are going to go 80% on everyone and try out new techniques. Or is today a day for you to go 100% on people during rolling, to improve your competition style game and practice your favourite techniques. Which ever kind of day you choose to have, let your training partners know, so that they can stay injury free too, and your not going super hard on someone who just wants to flow.

Thank you for reading, I hope this article helps you with your recovery routine. Please feel free to leave comment below with your recovery method or supplements.