Rashguard Review: Elite Sports Ranked Rashguard

About: Elite Sports

Elite Sports offer martial arts gear for a large range of martial arts including MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Taekwondo, aswell as gear for Gym Training and Crossfit. All their products are provided at very affordable prices for everyone to enjoy with no cut backs on quality. As a brand they aim to make you worry-free when you’re at the gym, allow you to submerse yourself into your training, and have the ability to freely train without having to worry about tearing your gear. All of their products are quality tested with heavy use in mind! They even offer a warranty which is something most companies in this industry are afraid to do. Overall they provide gear that will not just last the test of time but also look really good.

About: The Elite Sports Standard Black/Purple Short Sleeve Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ Rash Guard.

When you buy a new rashguard your looking for one that will not only last a long time and be worth the money, but also prevent you from injuries, and let you enjoy your training sessions with no worries about what your wearing.

This Elite Sports Ranked Rashguard does exactly that! In this review I will objectively look at the Price, Sizing, Comfort, Fit, Quality, Design, and Durability.


The one main problem with Jiu-Jitsu rashguards is that they can be costly, with some rash guards making a big dent in your bank account. However, this rashguard is only £18.99 while other competitors lowest price rashguard is £30 or more. This is a big saving. Elite sports even offer the ability to make 4 interest-free payments of £4.75 fortnightly with ClearPay making martial arts gear accessible for more people on a lower income.


For this rashguard Elite Sports has a large range of sizes from XS – 4XL. I think this variety of sizes is amazing! Thus allowing anyone, any shape or size to feel fantastic in a new rashguard. I personally wear a womens size 8 – 10 clothes and am wearing a size small Elite Sports rashguard, which fits perfectly. In the past I have brought rashguards which are labeled a small, but have turned out to be too baggy to be even considered a compression top.


This rashguard was super comfortable against my skin from the minute I put it on and throughout my training sessions. This rashguard also features an Anti-Slip Design in the form of a larger elasticated band embedded into the waist of the rashguard, which means it isnt going to be riding up to your chest during a hard rolling session and the fabric has been specially engineered to draw moisture away from the skin. This minimises any chaffing and increases your range of motion. so a win win really!


Any Elite Sports wear is designed and tested by athletes so you know you are going to get that perfect fit. I personally found that this rashguard felt like it fitted corectly for my size. It felt smooth with no baggyness in the body and no tightness under the armpits. The shorts sleeves of this rashguard are also great for keeping cool during those summer months or just during a hard session.


The compression material of this rashguard feels lightweight and breathable against your skin, with a smooth finish and no scratchiness on the seams. They use a high quality blend of polyester and spandex that allows for better blood flow, performance, and shorter recovery times after a hard workout. This rashguard also has flatlock seams which improve your range of motion, and ensure you have no worries about tears.


The design of this rashguard is simple and clean. With the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) approving all colours of this ranked model for competitions. I really like the purple shoulder block colour and the Elite sports logo in the same colour. I think this rashguard looks simple and smart, a great choice for any no gi tournament.


One down side when your training all the time is that you are also washing clothes all the time, so you need a rashguard that is going to last. After using this rashguard over the last few weeks I have noticed that it not only retains its shape and stretches well over your body, with a good snug fit. It dries very quickly, due to its lightweight material it is the first rashguard to dry on my clothes horse ever time. Making it the perfect choice for athletes who are training regularly!

I also found that this rashguard also comes treated with special antimicrobial and antifungal technology that is built into the fabric. Meaning this rashguard won’t be getting funky after a couple rolls but will stay fresh for it’s entire life.

Overall Verdict

Overall the Elite Sports Standard Black/Purple Short Sleeve Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ Rash Guard featured in this post has become a strong contender for my favourite rashguard. Its compression technology provides extra comfort and flexibility when training. Also, its flatlock stitching and high quality blend of polyester and spandex means this rashguard is more durable other other brands. Securing it as a trustworthy peice of training gear for all athletes.

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