Lockdown Living | What can we do while gyms are closed?

Weve been in lockdown in the UK now for around 8 weeks. It’s been a crazy and weird time for all of us. Thrown out of our daily routines, forced to work from home. Forced into an off season for our sports. No training. No competitions. No nothing. So what can we do?

zoom call your jiujitsu friends!

Hopefully by now you have been doing a little at home anyway, trying to fill the gaps of your daily routine with other things. But if you haven’t dont worry, now is the time to make a plan. Set an intention and use this time wisely.

Yes we are all off work, working from home or part time right now so we are more time rich but without our gyms and our training partners, motivation to exercise can be low.

In my house, me and dan have very little space but we knew that we wouldnt be able to go months without our main sport of jiujitsu so we piled up the sofas into the bedroom and matted out our living room. This has given us the ability to drill and train together, as well as the space to practice yoga everyday to increase our mobility, and a perfect space for a kettle bell workout. Yes its not perfect, we now sit on pillows on the floor to watch t.v. but we are making the best out of a bad situation.

The main thing to remember during this uncertain time is that everyone is just doing there best. You dont have to be pushing yourself to the limit at the moment, as long as you can try to maintain your muscle mass, and strength. As well as eating healthily then when we do get back on the mats the transition wont be so hard.

You could also use this time to reflect. Think about your training what did you struggle with? Could you benefit on using this time to work on your strength or endurance. Watch back old fight videos, what did you do well? what could be your A game and what do you need to improve. Using this time wisely doesnt have to be about physically pushing your body. What could you do to improve your mental game? Do you need to work on your mindset for competitions? By using this time to reflect when you get back to the training room you will have a clear purpose of what you want to do to progress.

Just remember to be kind to yourself during this time. Dont be too hard on yourself if you dont achieve all the things you wrote down on your to do list. There is always another day you can complete them on.

Hope to see you all back at training as soon as possible, stay safe everyone.