Im Doing Four 30 Day Challenges During Quarantine | Can I make it?

As the title says, I’m embarking on four different 30 day challenges partially to test myself during this lockdown of 2020. Aswell, as partially to keep me from going insane due to being stuck indoors all day. This video is just to mark the start of the 30 day challenges and to hold myself accountable for doing it, otherwise I might just quit half way through. By making a video, I know that I have to upload another one at the end and let you know how it went. If I dont… you know I quit.

The four challenges I will be doing each day are:
1 hour of Yoga
30 minutes of Running
100 Push ups and. 100 Sit ups

As well as this on most days but not as a challenge I will also be drilling BJJ and rolling as this is my normal routine, it wont affect my changes to my body during the challenges!

Take a look at the video below and see if you want to join in on any of the challenges with me!

Ill let you know how it went in 30 days! Hopefully I make it!