How can your BJJ Academy help Climate Change?

Noone can stop climate change, but we can prevent it getting much worse. It is up to everyone to do their bit to help our planet. Here is my top tips on how your BJJ academy can become more climate concious. Whether your the academy owner or a student you can always put ideas forward to the owner to make small changes which have a big positive impact.

1) Encourage others to top up their fitness by walking or cycling to the gym.

Most car trips in the UK are relatively short – under 5 miles. So it’s fair to say many of us could be leaving the car at home more than we are. Petrol and diesel cars spew out lots of climate-wrecking emissions. They also increase air pollution. So you could hit two birds with one stone, tackling climate change and topping up your fitness by cycling or walking to the gym. But does your academy have bike racks? If not, this is something that you could suggesting adding to your academy to encourage cycling.

2) Get your electricity from the wind and the sun.

Your academy could be running on 100% renewable energy within 5 minutes. Switching to a green energy provider would be instant, without any disruption to your supply. If every business chose a green tariff, this would add to the movement of more renewables and weaken the big climate polluters that burn fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. You could even be in for a surprise saving. Clean tariffs are often cheaper than the standard fixed-rate tariffs. At home I use Bulb which has been great, although other green energy providers are available.

3) Take the train, not the plane.

If you are part of a competitive team that likes to compete in tournaments worldwide your carbon emissions will be sky high because you fly so frequently. There are plenty of competitions you can get to without flying to cut your amount of flights down. If you are competing anywhere in the United Kingdom you could get the train there. Simularly it is easy to get across to Ireland on the ferry or to France on the Eurostar or ferry. Also, when you competing at any local or regional competitions make sure you are car sharing with your team mates. This not only makes the day alot more of an experience but also cuts fuel prices and cuts your carbon footprint.

4) Cut down on plastics and food waste.

A seagull picks a plastic crisp packet from the sea

David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 TV series revealed the heart-breaking impacts of plastics on turtles and seabirds. However, we can all do our bit to stop using single use plastics, including at your academy.

If your academy sells plastic water bottles, suggest to them to install a water fountain/ sink to refil reusable bottles. They could even sell reusable stainless steel water bottles!

If they have a cafe, they could stop using single use coffee cups and use cardboard takeaway containers, along with wooden cutlery. Biodegrable products are much better for the environment than plastic but obviously the ultimate would be to use no single use products! The perfect change to help the oceans, turtles and climate.

5) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

If your academy does not already have recycling bins, hound them to get them! Theres really no excuse not to be recycling as its so easy to do nowadays. Although, we know that recycling alone is not enough and waste is an issue that’s bigger than just plastic. We need to try to reduce our waste and reuse what we have to buy.

6) Use Eco Cleaning Products.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products like Ecover floor soap are the best climate concious way to clean your mats. They use a powerful plant-based formula which is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. There bottles are also made from recycled and plant plastic. So your doing good things for everyone!

7) Hold a Charity Grapplethon

You could even take it one step further and hold a Charity Grapplethon at your academy to raise money for your chosen Environmental Charity. For Example:

Everyone should do what they can to improve our environment and ultimately take small steps to help our planet. Learn more about climate change from the link below and try to make small changes at your gym today!

Let me know in the comments below, what your academy does to help climate change.