Get your Sweat on with this 20 Minute Core & Upper Body Workout!

My legs are feeling a little sore today so I’m going to give them a rest and focus on an upper body and core workout!

This is a 20 minute workout, using no equipment so there is no excuses. You can do this workout at the park or at home in your living room, wherever you choose.

You’re going to feel awake, energised and ready to have a productive day. These exercises are quick and simple for everyone to enjoy of all abilities. You can always modify the rest times by pausing the video or challenge yourself by speeding it up! It really is up to you!

Let me know how you got on in the comments below and don’t forget to share with your friends and family to get them involved.

This workout includes:

45 seconds work | 15 seconds rest

Shoulder width press-ups
Elbows in pressups
Plank shoulder touches
Triangle Press ups
Plank knee to shoulder touches
Shoulder press ups
Leg raises
Bicycle cunches
Up & down plank
Left side plank
Right side plank
Mountain climbers
Sit up twists
V-Sit hold
Plank up & down
Back raises