Are you nervous about going back to training?

“Never give up on your dreams” – Ricardo Vieira

As Jiu- Jitsu academies begin to open up their doors again, albeit not at full capacity. What is stopping you from training?

For most of us in the UK, there has been no access to Jiu-jitsu since March. Accept from solo drills in your living room with your dog, or if your lucky enough to live with someone who also trains then matting out a room in your house was the next best thing to the gym. But the fact is nothing compares to your academy. To the vibe you get from everyone else training, or the ability to train with lots of different people. After a while I think alot of us lost our ability to motivate ourselves to do that home workout or look up new techniques. The beauty of going to the academy is that after a hard days work, you can go there, socialise, and not have to think about anything else other than the techniques being taught for that time. During lockdown we were all at home for far too long. With our only contact with others through zoom. Noone is blaming you for feeling a little out of touch now we begin to go back. We all feel the same. Most of us have put on a few pounds, or lost muscle mass. Its definitely going to be weird going back and I know its going to hit my body hard when we return to full training. Whenever that day may come!

For now though, dont worry about how your body has changed over lockdown. Go to the gym if you want to, book your sessions, connect with your team mates. Find that motivation again to put down the cookies and pick up your gi.

For me, probably the biggest thing during this time of the gyms not being open is what to do with my evenings. Ive felt lost in the sense of no routine after work. I lost my sense of connection with my team and my jiu-jitsu goals seem to be getting further away. Although, I just need to remind myself that we are all in the same boat, we will all get back to training eventually. We all need to ease into in it and take it one step at a time. We will all get back to chasing our dreams, and we will never take our opportunity to train and compete for granted again!

How do you feel about going back to training? Let me know in the comments below!