8 Primal Movements For BJJ

Have a go at these 8 Primal Movements to play with, that will increase your strength and mobility in Brazilian jiu-Jitsu and help you to get back in touch with your body. Have fun during the workout, let your body feel free with natural movements and play around with what feels good for you.

Within a typical BJJ warm up you may find shrimping and crocodile crawl, this video gives you the opportunity to practice these moves along with a few extra for you to try! Animal movements unlock your mobility and strength in your body through basic natural movements. Some of the movements may be challenging, however with practice you will get better and feel the benefits of these movements.

So give it a try and remember you can do all of the movements for a longer or shorter time, you are at home you can control the workout! Just enjoy the flow and let me know how it goes!