7 Facts About Elite Sports Shorts

“Where there’s discomfort, there’s fear…You have to find comfort in the uncomfortable situations.” – Rickson Gracie

Dont let your No-Gi gear hold you back! Although, the above quote isnt directly talking about the comfort of your clothing. Why should you let ill fitting, harsh gear impact your performance?

This post objectively reviews Elite Sports Black Jack Series Black and Purple Brazilian Jiu Jitsu No-Gi Shorts. Providing you with essential information and food for thought for when your next choosing a new No-gi set to endure training and competing in when were finally allowed back that is!

If you would like to know a little bit more about Elite Sports Company please check out my previous post, where you will also find a detailed review the Purple Essential Rashguard.

Training without the Gi has became increasingly popular within the last decade. With some elite Jiu-jitsu athletes now rarely putting on the Gi at all! With that increase of popularity the competition for the best No-gi gear thrives amongst brands. So when it comes to you choosing which brand is for you, make sure you know all the details. This review will objectively look at the Price, Sizing, Comfort, Fit, Quality, Design, and Durability of the Elite Sports Black Jack Series, Black and Purple Brazilian Jiu Jitsu No Gi Shorts. Luckily I got to test out these sweet shorts before all the BJJ Academies went on lock down!

1. Cheap Price

When it comes to buying new training gear obviously cost will come into the equation of to buy or not to buy. Luckily Elite Sports aims to bring affordable training gear to all. This is shown by the fact they are a clear winner of the cheapest training gear around at only £17.99 for shorts compared to other popular brands, which cheapest shorts start at £25, unless they are in the sale. Elite Sports Company also often offers discounts to their customers along with the option to pay fornightly at an interest free rate!

2. Wide Range of Sizing

Elite Sports offers most of there products with a wide range of sizing from XS to 4XL and these shorts are no exception to the rule! I went with a size small as I wear womens 8 – 10 clothes (outside of Jiu-Jitsu) and these were a perfect fit!

3. Ultimate Comfort

I have to say these were actually my first pair of loose fiting traditional BJJ shorts as usually I just stick to spats or tight fitting shorts. However, they were a great first pair that felt extremely lightweight and comfortable against my skin. I am very picky with my clothing as it needs to be a good texture of material so that it doesnt irritate me and these shorts did not disapoint. With a material that was soft to touch rather than the usual corse training gear. Another useful feature is the long slit along the sides, allowing for optimal lateral movement.

4. Snug Fit

These shorts feature a two-fold velcro closure waistband with drawstring, non-chaffing velcro at the waist to ensure a snug and secure fit to every body type. Whilst being loose are the legs to ensure freedom of movement.

5. Great Quality

These shorts are made of tear-resistant 150 gsm stretch performance microfiber fabric that ensures they’ll last for years to come. They also have reinforced stitching in high-impact areas, deminishing your worries of that split happening when your training. I found these shorts also washed and dried really quickly with no shrinkage and no chance of the logos washing off as they were stitched on.

6. Minimalistic Design

The design of these shorts were minimalistic and aesthetic. With a simple purple waist band and matching purple logo on the lower part of the shorts, gave them a classic look which could be worn with any rashguard. A great benefit of these shorts is that they are approved by the IBJJF. So, if you are going into a No-Gi competition under any ruleset, you can be comfortable in knowing this pair is all you need.

7. Incredible Durability

BJJ shorts can come in a range of shapes and sizes these days as the market expands and everyone wants to find out the optimum training gear. BJJ shorts are also arguably the most versatile piece of gear you will own. As although they are primarily used for all types grappling. They are also great to wear in the gym or even as swimming trunks if needed!

Overall Verdict

Overall I thought these were great all round staple No-Gi Shorts. With subtle details so they can be worn to any competition. Along with a perfect fit which I could be confident they wouldn’t fall down, tear or fade with use! The only thing I would of prefered was if the purple on the shorts was the same shade as the purple on the rashguard so that they would fully match. Although, this is minor detail and wouldn’t stop me wearing them. In fact it kind of looks like it is supposed to go from a darker purple to light when you have them on!

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